I was enrolled in Royden House Junior School for a few years in the early 1960’s


location was lower grounds, for I lived few levels up the “expatriate” hill known as Mid-Levels – where a bulk of foreigners in Hong Kong live .. even now over the Millennium .
the street in front of the school was alive with traffic with a lane of railed-bus : it is simply amazing what you recollected as a wide street in childhood .. is actually quite a narrow two-way street after re-visiting in adulthood .

the building was tall and narrow,
where the entrance doubled as lunch dispensing desk .
and I remember climbing the again-narrow stairs to class-rooms above .

– students were a good mix of SouthEast/Asians and Westerners, British I suppose –

I acted in a school play in an auditorium, which should have been in the school,
but cannot imagine how a large hall could have been in this rather small building ..


– looking-down at immense aircraft carriers on the docks afar,
– humble locals living on boats amid muddy waters,
– glorious atmosphere at the Chinese floating restaurant,
– a photographic trip to a Thai-ish temple with pointed towers, high-up
– family WeekEnds at the joyous beach,
– a memorable visit to the circus,