my fore-most education is in the arts, and although business has shifted much onto Global networking like conferences and exhibitions : always a part-time photographer. and as everything has gone digital nowadays : much into retouching and even digital art 😉

hence while contemplating this childhood endeavour-come-true : I wanted colors as it seem I do not remember much in the old Hong Kong I grew up . on the contrary : the grey-some somber nuance as I saw the boat people right down-hill from where we lived, is always there .

then somehow this had become sort-of the starting screen on Microsoft’s fallen Windows 9 and even 10, as they thought the interface had to be tablet-some when most have moved over to larger screen SamSung Galaxies, LG Optimus, iPhone 6 and PLus, while ever-still loggin on on their notebooks, laptops and PC’s .

– so play-ful may it be –