Question : How many Royden House Junior School alumni does it take to make a school ReUnion ?

One, for starters 😉 as I was in Hong Kong annually during art fairs and auction Week over the latter part of May, which has since been moved-up to mid-March . I am there especially when Art Fair and Auctions dates coincide as linked schedule below . there also is quite a large art fair called KiAF held annually at the first modern shopping complex in the Capital of SEOUL .


[ Contemporary Art Fairs and Auctions ]

  • my calendar of comtemporary art events around the Pacific Rim ≫LiNK
  • Basel Art Fair in Hong Kong ≫LiNK
  • Christies Oriental Art Auctions ≫LiNK
  • Sotheby’s Oriental Art Auctions ≫LiNK
  • KiAF Korea international Art Fair ≫LiNK